Sunday, 8 January 2017

I'm going for a walk - I may be some time

I'm having a bit of an adventure....

HA HA HA (sound effect = hysterical laughter)

I am not referring to the recent move from the UK to France or the TOTAL renovation works where mostly we seem to bury very expensive stuff in the ground,


Now the dust (literally) has settled a bit I have managed to put a corner of our unconverted barn to use as an art space.

I sit nestled amidst my stuff and feel excited as to what this year will bring.

Since I am daft enough to think someone might be reading this:  There are a couple of options for you too - join the Wanderlust adventure (click on the link in the side bar) or watch me here as I go along my path of discovery.

My intention is to blog about the experience... yeah,  I delude myself that I can actually indulge myself the time to make art AND then talk about it!  oh and carry on with the renovations....and look after the animals, and grow this years veg, and try to keep us clean and fed...

Well we shall see.


A statement piece of journal collage.

Frankly my dear,  I was not up to the challenge of locating my stamps:  and a Girl can only unpack so many boxes of art supplies before risking the despair of her husband.

So I just did the lettering with pen and ink.  My intention?

 to be still 


it has many meanings for me, but I won't bore you with explanations.

See you next week....if not before


  1. I thought it was you I saw in the members list... have fun and keep on - I am yet to start this year's class (though have at least watched the videos)