Sunday, 15 January 2017

the story of a saint

I am a storyteller who loves people, and animals, and plants, and stones, and water, and trees and...most things! 

My husband despairs of my ability to accumulate said loved items.  He refuses to accept that I really do need a donkey...

I am an artist that needs to make something everyday (even if it is dinner); my current name is donna louise garner (I've been through a few).. and this is week two journal page (s) - eventually all the wanderlust pages will be bound into a journal...

I've done as much with this as I want to for here's the story so far...

They don't give sainthoods away easily..(click on the words for the link)

And yet she was sainted far more quickly than most.

and it was a quote from the sainted Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu that takes centre stage for my Wanderlust week two art journal page...

'Not all of us can do great things


we can all do small things with great love.'

A cup of tea, a nod of thanks, a pause, a safe space to be, a facebook thumbs up that let's us know we are still connected.

Where is the magic in that?  The magic is in the love story: between me and you and them and us and all the people that we see everyday; some for a moment -  some all the time - even those that are 'in our faces!'.  

We give love or we don't it really is that simple.

And we see it in the faces of those around us - we are loved.  If you can't see it you need to find some new faces...

 Would it be possible for us all to give a little more and to take a little less.  In very small ways - let's try it - I think you will find it makes a huge difference to your day and to everyone who sees your face ...

Let me know what happens...I'd really like to see your halo (call it a tiara if you wish) and your random small act of kindness, I think, should be delivered with an imaginary swoosh of your cape...


I Am Fairly Certain That Given A Cape and A Nice Tiara, We Can Save the World

you can find me here on the blog most days now - or on facebook if all you need is a thumbs up,  or in class at wanderlust if you want to share art, or at Home - we take in visitors -  sometimes for free ... depends on how much love you need


  1. Ah that is a beautiful post and one I really needed to read today - my thanks sweetie