Thursday, 26 January 2017

Body of work

I'm not one for hanging on to the past, I do like dreaming of futures yet to arrive...

I have arrived at one of my dreams - and am building a dream as we speak.  Most people hire in workers.  Not us:   me and Mr G are doing it all ourselves with help from friends when four hands are not enough...

This will eventually be a luxury holiday cottage.

It took us seven years to plan our dream and we are two years into the renovations.

We didn't have water when we arrived, so you can imagine it has taken the two year to reach a point when I could come back to my art and communicate it with the wider world though the web.

When we left the UK I cut up the credit cards - and cancelled them.

I had no regrets except at that time only took credit cards.  So I 'lost' my website blog and art archive...

Imagine my delight when yesterday I managed to use debit cards to buy back my domain and re subscribe to squarespace.

So, in the interests of giving you access to my historical body of work, and FREE tutorials (although I think there is more entertainment and less education) here is where I will be blogging from now on:

 Here are my dreams:

1. Keep on renovating so we can be inside a house next winter
2. Get the two holiday cottages up and running
3. Get the arts and crafts studios established
4.  Build the extension

It is our intention to provide autumn winter and spring 4 day all inclusive art retreats, a time of reflection and inspiration for anyone of any ability.  When you rent the cottage you get full access to my daily art studio sessions and the opportunity to develop your abilities.

For now it's all just being made/built/created...but it means you can start saving now so that when I'm ready to meet you as a guest you can pop over and spend time making stuff....

Summer will be just self catering weekly/fortnightly rentals as I will mostly be out painting in the sunshine or going to festivals or buying at the troc n puce/vide grenier street markets....whilst Mr G holds the fort!


  1. Sounds marvellous, am looking forward to your dream!!

  2. I will be coming my dear! Can't wait! ☺️

  3. Sounds like heaven - I'll start saving!

    1. I am trying to keep profit to equal our cost of our living so it should not be too extortionate, I'm not looking to get rich - in the monetary sense!