Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Foul Language and cute christmas make for Lil Pidge

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I am not offended by bad words,  but I do get offended by bad behaviour.

Please don't continue reading if the opposite is true of you.

The following favourite joke of mine includes cursing...

what do you call a blind moose ?  No eye deer ( say it out loud)

what do you call a blind moose with no  legs? STILL no eye deer

what do you call a blind moose with no legs and no penis?  still no fucking eye deer

why this joke?

Lil Pidge asked for a pattern for a sewing hoop mounted deer (she is hand making gifts for christmas) - so that is what is on my desk today -

the pattern is a photo of A4 paper -

and there is a photo of the sewn gusset in case you can't get your head round the sewing up bit - much neater if you do it on the right side and by hand...

and without being mean -  I don't think you will mange this unless you do plenty of sewing and understand insertion of fullness with gussetry...

wonderful word that  - GUSSET

so - here's my desk the pattern and making tips

here is one I made earlier pinned to the hoop just before sewing...