Wednesday, 5 April 2017

We have a sub floor ( WoYWW supplementary blog)

yay a (relatively) level sub floor upon which we can now walk, however it is far from dry...but it is progress.....

if you are interested we post our renovation updates to our Facebook page

Woyww comments below in lieu of disqus on my website...


  1. Thanks for the visit earlier. Don't worry about last week. I'd never thought of painting an actual image on a gelli plate and then pulling a print. Some thing else for my must try list. Glad the renovations are coming along. Sarah #4

  2. Thanks for calling in at mine earlier.
    What a lot of fun goings on you can get into your space. Looks like you had a fab time.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x #7

  3. Pleased to see things are coming along at yours. Thanks for the visit to mine. I have to admit to not sewing on the desk it's just that I've been working on there doing some bits of pinning and tacking but my machine and sewing stuff is actually upstairs in the loft so the sewing takes place in a different room though to be honest there's not much more space in there either Lol! Have a great crafty week and a happy woyww, Angela x24x

  4. all very valid excuses! glad things are getting back to what passes for normal.... Helen #1

  5. A floor - woohoo, how exciting! It's brilliant following your building progress, I really am full of admiration for what you and Mr G are achieving. More strength to your elbow!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  6. It took my husband 8 years just to put up a lean-to at the side of the house so I wouldn't get wet when it rained and I wanted to put some washing outside... Turns out, he actually put up the lean-to (eventually!) so he could keep his motorbikes under cover lol. This is how slowly things get done at my house - so glad to see you have a floor! Woo-Hoo! :)