Wednesday, 8 March 2017


supplementary blog stuff for those that come here to comment because Disqus just doesn't float their boat:

this is the sunrise at the end of our drive:

Back to the desk HERE


  1. Gorgeous lettering. That practice certainly paid off. Sarah #29

  2. I love how your lettering is progressing and am thrilled in the effects it's having for you. I love your sky pics too so thanks for sharing them.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #13

  3. Lovely sentiment and I was able to read it fine - LOL. Know what you meant about a racing brain though. Thanks for the visit BJ#23

  4. your lettering is fabulous! I really like the extras we get over here too, ha ha! still no news about my stamps (or the follow up email querying, which is even more unlike her!) getting impatient now! Helen #1

  5. Fabulous sunrise pics!!
    Your lettering looks good. Last year on Wanderlust there was a lesson from Joanne Sharp on lettering - very interesting.
    Don't get me started on Art vs Craft :)
    Thanks for your kind words re. my real painting.

    1. yes i have both her books - she is a very good teacher - i am tempted to do her on line class...

  6. I can relate to your handwriting disability, since my regular writing is often almost illegible to most. However, I can do some fine lettering and calligraphy just like you. Blessings!