Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WOYWW - it's certainly different...

for the desk click here.

Just an observation:   I have a rule I follow that I won't start doing what I want to do before the housework is done.  

I like things clean and tidy even though we don't yet live in a conventional building, but I actually detest repetitive tasks, so housework is a real problem for me.

However, the vile tasks seem to get done very efficiently when I have my desk and more attractive work on offer, so I guess having my art space in the same building and in sight of the living space kind of works for me.

Because each stage of our renovations take a long time, it allows that breathing space to really reflect upon what our spaces are used for and how we want them to merge together or be physically very separated.  I am certainly now a huge fan of huge, one floor open place spaces - except when we have guests!  

I suspect everything after the barn living space is going to feel small...

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  1. Oh how lovely....I read your blog each week but couldn't comment before. I do lots of crafting that will be loved and cherished when I'm gone but I like to see them enjoy them while I'm still here too.
    Thanks for visiting mine earlier and for your lovely comments.
    Hope you have a fab week.
    Annie x #16

  2. Hey Donna, we live in Cotes d'Armor, not far from Merdrignac.... anywhere near you?

    1. about an hour and a half away...we bought our Landy from the guy with the 4x4 garage at Merdrignac, we are 20 mins north of Lorient,

  3. Loving the "death pages" idea. Always hoped my Dad had left something for me after he passed away when I was pregnant nearly 19 years ago now. I think my journals will be like that for my son as I don't think he has really taken too much notice up to now. PS no problem with the Crop-o-dile II at all. managed 4 hearts at a time so wasn't too bad really. Thanks for the visit BJ#9

  4. All very industrious looking! I am pleased you feel able to pace yourself how you want to, thats nice. No point in stressing, is there? Hope you have a great week - EmbroidRage #8 x

  5. I too am in the throes of reorganization and modernization of my house. New roof etc last year...$25,000 so this year I plan on redoing plaster in kitchen and living room! Always something. Thank you for leaving the post on my blog earlier. It is difficult times here in the USA and I keep hoping that the government does have enough checks and balances to carry us through this difficult time. Vickie #23

  6. wow, quite a post today.. I like the working in lots of journals at once (I do that too) but still haven't done any of the wanderlust prompts (I know, I know!) Have a great week.. Helen #1

  7. The first photo was a bit of a shock, the second one made me happy Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20